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We have over 200 string instruments in stock. Contact Us to find out our latest stock. Each violin, cello, viola or double bass is hand selected to ensure optimum value and performance.

When you buy violins, cellos, violas or double basses from Logans, be assured that every instrument receives a professional set up by a specialist luthier with more than 20 years experience. This set up includes properly cutting and fitting the bridge to each instrument, peg box set up, adjustment and fitting of soundpost and proper lubrication of pegs, nut, bridge, tailpiece and bow frog. Each instrument is then played and checked for any further adjustments. Proper set up is crucial to ensure maximum playability and performance.

All violins, cellos and violas have factory fittings replaced with quality German strings, German tailpiece and a French bridge to enhance playability and tone.

All instruments receive 1 year free* maintenance from Logans. (*Excludes strings and parts)

Repairs and maintenance on stringed instruments and bows available through Logans Pianos.

Logans always have a large range of stringed instrument and accessories in stock, including books, bows, strings, cases, rosin and parts.

Rental instruments are available in a range of brands and sizes. Contact us for more details







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