All pianos for sale at our store are fully regulated and tuned several times prior to delivery. They come with a free stool, 10-year manufacturer's warranty, and free tuning after delivery once the piano has settled into your home’s climate. And we can arrange continued maintenance afterwards. We’ve gained a valuable knowledge and experience in almost 100 years of piano regulation and tuning. This enables us to ensure that a Logans piano will deliver the best possible performance and the greatest enjoyment for many decades to come.

We have found that many satisfied clients have shared their Logans experience with students, family, friends. In fact, the majority of people who purchase a piano from us, initially chose Logans based on recommendation and reputation. These recommendations depend not just on quality customer service but also on the great performance of our pianos long after they have been delivered. We therefore select and prepare our new pianos very carefully.

The Logans Difference

All pianos for sale at our Burwood music shop are completely regulated and tuned several times before delivery. You will also receive a free stool, warranty, free tuning after delivery and we can arrange continued maintenance afterwards. The knowledge and experience gained over the past ninety years, when applied to a new piano through regulation and tuning, ensures a Logans Piano will deliver the best possible performance and the greatest enjoyment for many decades to come.

Logans Pianos is Sydney's leading Authorised Yamaha Piano Dealer. If you are thinking of buying a second hand piano, you may be surprised to find out how affordable a new Yamaha piano is. Many people purchase a used piano for the same price as Logans can set up and deliver a new Yamaha Piano. Don't waste your hard earned money. Don't be misled. Deal only with an Authorised Yamaha Piano Dealer.

Why a New Piano Needs Regulation

All new pianos before leaving their factory are tuned and regulated. Piano components including wood, felt, and doeskin have a tendency to "bed down" and change in thickness for some time, thus altering the regulation and performance of the piano. All manufacturers fundamentally insist that their new pianos be regulated again before being sold.

Production schedules in factories only allow for a certain amount of time to be spent on each piano, therefore, much of the finishing work is left to whoever sells the piano. This work is vital to the lasting qualities of any piano, can save large future repair bills, and brings out the full performance potential inherent in its design. A large percentage of pianos sold in Australia receive no more than tuning at this most important stage in their lives, often being uncrated and delivered direct from the warehouse.

The value of a pre-delivery service for a new upright piano about $1,000. However, some companies advertise tuning and regulation without spending the amount of time needed to thoroughly regulate a new piano. These have often turned out to be rushed regulations worth about $200-$300, and the piano has developed inconsistencies requiring the costly hire of a technician at a later date. We want our clients to have peace of mind with a completed and superb performance-ready piano. Logans fully regulates and prepares all our new pianos at no extra cost to the client.