Clients who are thinking of buying a secondhand piano may be surprised to find out the affordability of a new Yamaha piano. Many people purchase a used piano for the same price as a new Yamaha piano from Logans, professionally set up and delivered.

Considering purchasing a used piano?

Customers frequently enquire about purchasing used pianos. There is a degree of risk and a few important things that should be considered. Without a thorough inspection by a qualified technician, it is impossible to know whether the piano has been properly maintained, is damaged, how worn out the piano is, or whether it is in need of major rebuilding. It is also crucial to determine whether the piano was originally manufactured for the Australian market.

More often than not, secondhand pianos are “grey market imports”. This means that a piano has been brought in from Japan and sold to a piano dealer in Australia. The main issue with buying a used piano made for an overseas market is that it hasn’t been seasoned for the dryness of the Australian climate. This can lead to the development of severe problems unless the piano is placed in a very humid environment (similar to Japan) and these problems can be very expensive to correct.

During 50 years of exporting pianos to other parts of the word, Japanese researchers found that in general, the indoor environments of homes in Australia are considerably drier than in Japan. Some of this is related to the outdoor climate and some of it is related to the indoor environment, which is affected by such conditions as heating and air conditioning systems. This research led Yamaha to the development of computer-controlled drying kilns and other manufacturing procedures, so that pianos destined for Australia would be properly seasoned for the Australian home, thus avoiding moisture-related problems. Based on our experience with pianos not seasoned for the Australian market, from a service standpoint, we strongly discourage the purchase of one of these used "made for Japan" pianos.

A quote from the NSW Piano Technicians Guild regarding Grey Market Pianos;
"Definition: Second hand piano being imported from Japan. Mostly Yamaha and Kawai, grands and uprights. The quality is extremely varied (despite the A+ rating given to many of them), some of them are quite high quality, but these seem to drown in a sea of ordinary and downright rubbishy instruments."